According to some studies, about 30 percent of interviewers will make a decision about whether or not they will hire you within 90 seconds of meeting you!
Today, with the advent of technology, job applicants are judged even before they get a chance to go through a face-to-face interview.
This video presentation skill is also applicable to entrepreneurs / self employed who seeks potential client’s appointment for the first time, and to know how to break through the office gate-keepers using Linkedin to reach the right prospects and sharing your video introduction with prospects.
In this program, participants will be equipped with skills and knowledge to position themselves more effectively both online and offline. They will be discovering ways to present themselves more effectively via social media such as LinkedIn, boosting their self confidence in crafting and delivering a video resume to differentiate themselves from their peers.
What students will learn:
1) Identify their strengths and position them well to potential employers
2) Differentiate themselves from their peers using different approaches
3) Speak confidently in front of video and create a powerful video resume
4) Ace the job interview in a virtual setting
5) Pitch effectively to employers

Course Outline:

Training Delivery:
In person classroom training. After training, students will go to Photography/ videography studio for their video recording session, and also, they can apply the video presentation techniques that they have learned in class.
2 half-day session where it is spaced out within 1 week in between for completion of assignment. Followed by 30 minute of professional video recording session for each student that includes video editing service.
22 & 26 February 2021
1. Creating an attractive and appealing LinkedIn profile
2. Tap into social media like LinkedIn for job search
3. Create a video resume and differentiating yourself from peers

• Engage Interviewer or audience when delivering video presentation
• Get comfortable speaking in front of the video camera
• Create impactful personal branding video content

4. Virtual interview skills
5. Answer difficult questions in an interview
6. Build a strong personal brand
7. Practice and evaluation
Key takeaways:

✓ Participants coming up with a video resume
✓ Creating a LinkedIn profile and summary page

About the Master Trainer

Jacky Lim

Impact-based Communication, Sales Trainer and Coach, Toast Master, NLP Master Practitioner

Highly sought after for his transformational and dynamic programs, Jacky Lim has over the last decade worked with more than 50 organizations and positively impacted the lives of thousands of sales professionals, high-level executives and business owners all across the region, including countries like Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong and Shanghai.
Known for his passion to give the best and go the extra mile in coaching his clients towards success, Jacky’s personal motto is to “empower lives and to inspire breakthroughs”. Capable of training in both English and Mandarin, Jacky has also developed many of the coaching frameworks he trains by himself. He is also well known for his ability to simplify seemingly complex concepts into easily digestible ones for his clients to enjoy and experience real-life benefits.
Jacky’s knowledge and ability to communicate with influence and inspire action have landed him clients and working opportunities with big names such as Siemens, Samsung, ING Bank, MSD, NHST Media Group, Canon, Great Eastern Life, AIA, Housing and Development Board (HDB) and many more.
Over the years, he has also been featured three times on air with Singapore’s top radio station 93.8FM and appeared on both the Straits Times and the Sunday Times several times. He is also the author of a bestselling book “Increase Sales with NLP- Secrets of Psychology Selling”.
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