Pronounced as Ad-des-tra – Addestra-mento means “training” in Italian.
As the leading Knowledge Broker, we aim to introduce Asian philosophies to the Western world and Western philosophies to the Asian world with an international network of subject experts.
Working as knowledge partners, our mission is to spread knowledge and empower learners in our clients’ organisations with the tools and training necessary for job excellence, career advancement and ultimately contribute to the business bottom line.
At Addestra Learning Centre, you will find an innovative series of corporate training services that caters to companies of all sizes. The company has been established for 12 years since 2006, trained over 20,000 learners, with more than 500 customisable courses in its library of programs, and has trained more than 50 public sector organisations as well as private sector companies. Addestra’s main target market has been the government / public sector, schools as well as companies in the private sector.
Addestra consists of an experienced and dynamic Management team as well as corporate trainers in Personal and Professional Development courses. The Management and corporate trainers together have more than 50 years of experience in the Training and Education Industry. We have a team of 10 trainers each with different areas of expertise, and in most times they do complement each other by backing up each other in instances where the class size is large and facilitators are required to assist the lead trainer, or when the master trainer is not available to conduct the class due to unseen circumstances.
Our corporate trainers consist of keynote speakers, corporate trainers, coaches, certified counsellors, licensed NLP trainers, Human Resource and Management Consultants, Media and Public Relations Specialists, licensed behavioural consultants using personality profiling tools such as DISC, MBTI, and StrengthsFinder Profiling Systems. We are poised to provide our public and private sector clients with a comprehensive range of competency based trainings, personal and organisational development programmes, new integrated media, social media, and entrepreneurship programmes.
Unlike the conventional training provider, we are able to offer a wide variety of courses focusing on their depth and breadth of learning. All courses / workshops / seminars are customisable whenever clients require us to do so. Thus, doing business with us is relatively risk-free as all our trainers are carefully selected and stringently screened through interviews and they come with reference checks. No client is too small for us as we work within their budget.
Besides offering “serious” corporate programmes in Organisational Development and personal development, and in order to help your employees destress and at the same time pick up additional skills, we have introduced a series of leisure courses consisting of Floral Arrangements, Gift Wrapping & Ribbon Making, Jewelry Making, and other arts & crafts courses. Such leisure courses can be conducted during clients’ staff incentive programmes such as departmental retreats, family day or lunch time talks.
With the introduction of gamification for education, we are creating interesting educational games to accelerate the learning process of mainstream students, including students with special needs. Gamification technology can also be applied to adult training and it compliments content rich e-learning courses. Addestra has the technological capability to develop gamification training programs for the various industries in Singapore.
Since October 2009, Addestra’s pro-bono training project at South East Community Development Council (CDC), North East CDC and South West CDC has been contributing much when it had so far trained more than 1,000 job seekers, where our team of trainers volunteer their services in helping to empower job seekers with skills in resume writing, job search and interview skills. Most of these job seekers is comprise of PMEs and mostly are non-PMEs. It is encouraging to see them gain their self confidence and feeling motivated to move on in life after each class. Most of them have succeeded in finding the jobs that they are looking for, especially with the assistance from South East, South West and North East CDCs.
For our contributions, we have received South East CDC and North East CDC Appreciation Awards 2010 & 2011. On 18 June 2011, we were conferred the prestigious PA Community Award (Merit) – 2011 for our corporate partnerships with the Community Development Councils by People’s Association.